Mexico Travel – Car Insurance Tips To Enjoy Driving On Mexican Roads

Driving down to Mexico is not as simple as driving to any other part of the world. Mexico is the place where these insurance issues are strictly regulated. So, before planning to travel to Mexico, it is safe for you to carefully check about the insurance details of your car. If your car insurance is invalid, then you may land up in severe problems.

Laws in Mexico

The Mexican government is very strict in maintaining and regulating the rules and regulations regarding car insurance. You should not assume that as you are covered by insurance policy in America or Canada means that you are covered in Mexico too.

You have to get insured only with those legal Mexican insurance companies. The Mexican rules consider car accidents not only as civil case, but also as criminal case. Mexico allows visitors to visit them, but there is a border zone beyond which visitors is not allowed without proper approval and import permit.

How to Obtain Import Permit?

You can get your import permit by following few steps namely:

  • First, you have to make sure to prove yourself by submitting proofs like passport or birth certificate.
  • Next, you should posses a tourist tag.
  • You have to prove them that you are the original possessor of the vehicle. For this you have to show a proof that states that the vehicle is registered in your name.
  • If you are driving a leased automobile, then you have to show your leasing contract as proof. The important thing here is that the name in the contract must match with driver’s name.
  • The driver should also have an appropriate driving license which is issued by any country.
  • The driver should also have a worldwide accepted credit card, which is in his or her name irrespective of the country where the international credit card is issued.

How to Get Mexican Insurance?

You can get Mexican insurance for six month or annual basis. Nowadays, authorized Mexican insurance companies also provide an option for you to choose Mexico auto insurance per day . You may wonder how to get a Mexican insurance before visiting Mexico? You can browse through the internet and find for the sites that provide Mexican insurance online.

Driving in Mexico

You may assume that driving in Mexico is just similar to driving in any other countries, but your assumption is totally wrong. Your Mexican drive would be very dangerous if you don’t have your Mexican insurance and appropriate proofs. Firstly, you have to thank the Mexican government for providing an option to get Mexican insurance online.

It is not easy to escape if you are involved in a car accident in Mexico as they consider it as civil as well as criminal case. You will be put under prison if you don’t have enough proofs of insurance. Mexico is an awesome country with wonderful people, which is worthy enough to visit, but if you wish to drive in Mexico, then be sure to have all the proofs regarding your insurance.

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